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PerMix Plow Mixers

PerMix Plow Mixers / Dryers are used for quickly drying and mixing, blending, & resizing products. PerMix Plow Mixers & Vacuum Plow Mixers / Dryers are the industries best engineered mixers.

The PerMix PTP-D series Vacuum Plow Mixers / Dryers is a turbulent mixing reactor-dryer. It is used as a high-speed mixer dryer, chemical reactor or, if both processes are combined, as a dryer-reactor. They are used with particular success in agglomeration-free rapid drying, heterogeneous reactions with systems of different substances, extraction, sterilization and in general for vacuum, positive-pressure, thermal energy and comminuting aids.

The considerably superior heat transfer characteristics of PerMix PTP-D series Vacuum Plow Mixers / Dryers are mainly attributable to the fact that external heat applied through the contact surfaces of the mixing vessel and mixing element, supplemented by frictional heat generated during the mixing process.

When operating at the usual speed, this accounts for 30 to 35 percent of the total heat applied. Heat transfer is not inhibited by agglomerates or layers of material adhering to the internal components of the tank. This is largely due to the comminuting units and the high-speed, edge-sweeping paddle agitators, which ensure rapid circulation of the materials at the contact faces.

  1. Different mixing elements (paddles, plows, ribbons, or combined tools)
  2. PerMix multichopper unit
  3. Different sealing arrangements (packing seals, double mechanical seal, Cinchseal, etc)
  4. Vacuum filter housing
  5. Heating jacket for electric heater, thermal oil, steam, etc
  6. Flush-fitting semi-ball discharge valve
  7. Special spraying unit for coating
  8. Open sidewall for cleaning purposes
  9. Pneumatic semi-ball discharge valve
  10. Discharge screw
  11. Different metal constructions (SS304, SS316L, Titanium, Duplex steel, Hastelloy, etc.)
  12. Heated shaft
  13. Sampling port
  14. Explosive-proof construction
  15. Control board, etc.
  1. Cost savings: The PerMix PTP-D series Vacuum Plow Mixer / Dryer combines several machines: less pipe-work, fewer control and space requirements
  2. Short reaction times
  3. Optimum heat transfer via large contact areas
  4. Turbulent mixing by mechanical fluidization of reaction material
  5. No dead areas in reactor and the discharge areas
  6. The PerMix PTP-D series Vacuum Mixer Dryer can also be supplied with removable mixing tools.
  7. Easy to clean and sterilize
  8. Long service life through the use of corrosion resistant reactor materials (Stainless Steels, Hastelloy, Titanium, Nickel Alloys)

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