Plow Mixers Custom Engineered For The Demanding Nanotech Industry

Vacuum Plow Mixers & Dryers Designed For The Nanotech Industry R&D

The nanotech industry is unique in every way. It differs from other industries because every step of the what, no matter what field, they are doing what couldn’t be done prior. Whether it is the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, or chemical industry, we are using reactions of some sort to achieve a more stable & stronger product. For this, the mixers need to be custom engineered for the product they are mixing, the ingredients being used, as well as the desired outcome. For this often times high temperatures, high vacuum, and the need to inject inert-gases are needed and PerMix leads the industry in Nanotech mixers.

Here is a recent plow mixer made for a customer that is developing nanotech products used in 3D metal forming powders used in 3D printing & forming. This is a self contained vacuum plow mixer that is ExP rated, and contained a vacuum pump, heating & cooling to extreme temperatures, as well as a vapor recovery/condensing column. The unit as in the video was priced at under $40,000 complete.

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